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"Fun for the whole family"

I started my judo career with Sensei Jim and his father Harai Sensei 5 years ago along with Sensei Fred Ogden. I enjoy Sensei Jim’s teaching style. He’s strict and provides his students great Judo techniques and proper terminology  we need to know to advance in rank. 

I especially  enjoy the Newaza portion of Judo so I began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu several years ago with Instructors under Mestre Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Professor  Aaron Martin, 1st Degree Black Belt of Marcelo Alonso BJJ (MABJJ) Team Carlson Gracie is the Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor  teaching us Gi and NoGi Jiu-Jitsu at Harai Dojo.

It’s the perfect blend of stand up and ground work. The “Hybrid” style that Harai Dojo offers is the perfect blend for me and my kids.

Please stop by and join us for a free lesson. You’ll be hooked.

- Annette, Yelm WA

"Great Learning Environment"

This is a great learning environment that is very welcoming. The moment you walk in the door on your first visit, you'll feel like part of the team. If your interested in Brazilian Jiu jitsu or Judo, you must check out this Dojo. My family went to one class and my daughter and I signed up before we left. It was so much fun ! Now we are telling all of our friends about this place !

- The Nino, Yelm WA

Instructors are the best !

Please come by and take a free class !! Sensei Jim Harai and Professor Aaron Martin are very knowledgeable in their craft!! It is a fun class that teaches you the best of both worlds in grappling.

- LL,  Yelm WA